Blog Turkish Citizens Easily Circumvented Twitter Ban with Hotspot Shield
Alex Lloyd March 27, 2014

Turkish Citizens Easily Circumvented Twitter Ban with Hotspot Shield

Last Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan imposed a ban on Twitter. Thanks to technologies such as Hotspot Shield VPN, many local users were able to circumvent the restrictions and continued broadcasting their tweets.

Calling social media a “menace to society”, Erdogan promised to “wipe out Twitter.” He had previously threatened to ban Facebook and YouTube as well.

But getting around the ban is as simple as using VPN apps such as Hotspot Shield. After the ban was announced, downloads of the Hotspot Shield VPN app skyrocketed in Turkey.

Within 4 days, Hotspot Shield reached 1.1 million installations, making it the most downloaded app in Turkey on the iOS app store!

Hotspot Shield - the most downloaded app in the iOS app store in Turkey

Image via Techcrunch 

Furthermore, over 800,000 users were actively using the Hotspot Shield app in Turkey on a daily basis. Clearly, the Turkish government is losing the war in Internet censorship thanks to technologies such as VPN.  

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