These common “smart” toys are being hacked to spy on children

My Friend Cayla, an innocent looking children’s doll gracing the homes of tens of thousands of kids around the world, was recently named an “illegal espionage apparatus.” It’s not the only smart toy, either. Practically every toy that connects to the internet is an open invitation for hackers, identity thieves, and predators—and it’s a danger […]

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David Gorodyansky

David Gorodyansky: “My biggest concern with Facebook is that they’re buying data”

The talk right now is about how Facebook is selling user data. This, of course, is troubling and worthy of the scandal it has become. But there’s a whole other element people are neglecting, and it could be even worse: Facebook is also buying user data. AnchorFree’s CEO David Gorodyansky recently sat down to discuss […]

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hacked home security cameras

This “simple trick” gives anyone access to your home security camera

Recently, there was a shocking headline on the BBC. It said: “Home Security Camera Sends Video to Wrong Person.” Louisa Lewis had looked at her phone’s security camera app and noticed that she was seeing someone else’s kitchen. There was also a random person stood washing the dishes. Somehow, she was not seeing her own […]

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Back to School

The hottest new tech for Back to School

Sadly, it’s that time again. The days are getting shorter; the neighborhood lemonade stands are packing up shop. Kids and teens around the country are preparing to load up their backpacks and head back to school or college. And while it’s always disappointing when summer break ends, there are ways to make your back to […]

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Tech support scams

These tech support scams are targeting the elderly

Could your elderly grandma be the victim of tech support scams? According to the Federal Trade Commission, she very well could be. The FTC just issued a fine of $7.5 million against Parmiit Singh Brar, a known tech support scammer, for taking advantage of U.S. citizens—specifically targeting the elderly. Though he will only pay about […]

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