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Don’t Jump into these Cyber-Scams with Both Feet

Black Friday and Cyber Monday create a frenzy of shopping, and people are markedly less careful with how they spend their money in the push to get the best deals. Online scammers take advantage of unwary shoppers during this popular shopping weekend with phishing scams, malware, and Clickbait. Protect yourself and your accounts by being […]

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How to Recognize a Phishing Scam

So someone comes up to you in a restaurant—a complete stranger—and asks to look at your driver’s license. What do you do? Show it to that person? You’d have to be one loony tune to do that. However, this same blindness to security occurs all the time when a person is tricked by a “phishing” […]

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Beware of these 10 Nasty Scams

Let’s look at the top 10 scams (random order). Make sure to be aware of these common scam tricks so you can spot them instead of falling into the trap. Be alert and think twice when something looks abnormal or way too nice. Charity A fraudster claims to represent a charitable organization. Such scams can operate […]

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