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These tech support scams are targeting the elderly

Could your elderly grandma be the victim of tech support scams? According to the Federal Trade Commission, she very well could be. The FTC just issued a fine of $7.5 million against Parmiit Singh Brar, a known tech support scammer, for taking advantage of U.S. citizens—specifically targeting the elderly. Though he will only pay about […]

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6 Ways Criminals Make Money from Gamers | SCAMS WATCH OUT

If you’ve spent any time in the online gaming world, you know that it attracts millions of people every day — many of whom only use the Internet for gaming. Unfortunately, however, major platforms like Steam and Battle.net don’t just attract law-abiding citizens with healthy gaming habits. They also serve as magnets for cybercriminals. At […]

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Don’t Jump into these Cyber-Scams with Both Feet

Black Friday and Cyber Monday create a frenzy of shopping, and people are markedly less careful with how they spend their money in the push to get the best deals. Online scammers take advantage of unwary shoppers during this popular shopping weekend with phishing scams, malware, and Clickbait. Protect yourself and your accounts by being […]

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