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Airport wifi

The 10 airports where you’re most likely to get hacked

It’s no secret: connecting to free WiFi is super dangerous. It takes an inexperienced hacker just minutes to access your sensitive data and steal information like credit cards or bank details. This is because free WiFi—like you’d find at airports or coffee shops—is unencrypted. And unencrypted WiFi is like a free buffet for cybercriminals. But […]

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Hotspot Shield AV-Test report

Privacy is a technological, financial, personal, and moral issue

In the modern digital age, we rely on the Internet to help us run almost all aspects of our lives. We communicate with our doctors, share pictures with our loved ones, and conduct financial transactions. We exchange ideas, discuss things we’re passionate about, and we connect with family, colleagues, merchants, suppliers, and customers each day […]

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hacked home security cameras

This “simple trick” gives anyone access to your home security camera

Recently, there was a shocking headline on the BBC. It said: “Home Security Camera Sends Video to Wrong Person.” Louisa Lewis had looked at her phone’s security camera app and noticed that she was seeing someone else’s kitchen. There was also a random person stood washing the dishes. Somehow, she was not seeing her own […]

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These are Google’s most important security features

Giant internet companies, like Google, are always doing upgrades to their systems. Generally, these updates contain security features, so it’s important that you understand them. With data breaches on the rise and hackers becoming increasingly sophisticated, you need to be on your guard to prevent becoming a victim. And as we all know, these internet […]

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cyber crime

How to protect yourself against cyber crime when traveling

Thinking back 10 years to when I first began my travels, the type of crime I was worried about was being mugged or assaulted. And as a solo traveler, I was also admittedly on edge after having watched the terrifying blockbuster Hostel. But the type of crime that travelers encounter has changed a lot since […]

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Hotspot Shield Business

Introducing Hotspot Shield Business

With over 600 million users in 200 countries, AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield is protecting more people around the world than any other application. And today, we’re expanding that protection by offering Hotspot Shield Business — providing fast, secure, and reliable solutions to businesses across the globe. Many companies tend to use a virtual office, allowing employees […]

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