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More Than 20% of Financial Malware Attacks Target Bitcoin

According to recent reports, criminals target Bitcoins in more than one-fifth of financial malware attacks. Specifically, Bitcoin miners accounted for 14 percent of all financial attacks, while Bitcoin wallet-stealers accounted for 8 percent in the second quarter of 2014. Hackers also used keyloggers, or keystroke logging malware, to steal users’ authentication credentials for online payment […]

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Hackers Are Using Cameras to (Unsuccessfully) Mine Bitcoins

Cybercriminals have recently taken a fresh approach at hacking into user devices, branching out into the Internet of Things to attack security cameras. Although the implications are disturbing, this first attack turned out to be a fairly harmless and largely ineffective attempt to mine bitcoins. What is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoins are a popular form of […]

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