Blog 6 Tips to keep your Online Photos secure
Robert Siciliano November 10, 2014

6 Tips to keep your Online Photos secure

blog - Online Photos SecureDo you want all your embarrassing and compromising photos being shared all over the Web? I got a en email from a Facebook “friend” who I don’t really know who stated “Robert, I lost my phone at a concert last night and someone posted all my naked pictures to Facebook”. There’s just so many things wrong in that one sentence… I can’t even. Whatever private photos you possess, there are ways to keep them secure.

  • Don’t post your photos online anywhere.
  • Avoid the cloud. Photos that are stored in a cloud service CAN get out especially if you don’t understand how your cloud might be syncing your data with multiple devices.
  • Find out if your service offers two-factor authentication. If so, use this. It will require a hacker or thief to know the one time PIN code that the service sent to your smartphone to enter with the password to gain access to your account. Two-factor authentication isn’t necessarily a default option; seek it out. If your preferred service doesn’t offer this, then don’t be squid-brained by storing sensitive photos there.
  • Have your phone protected with a password in case it gets lost or stolen. The finder or thief won’t be able to view (and distribute) private images if he needs your password to use the phone. A password may be facial recognition, a swipe pattern or other factors, depending on the phone maker.
  • You’ve heard this before: Use long, strong passwords for all of your accounts. Think “passphrase” rather than “password.” How about: I eat 3 roses for breakfast which becomes iE3roses4B. You can use a password manager to remember long, nonsensical passwords or to generate them for you.
  • Whenever transmitting pics do so on secure WiFi. Unprotected and unencrypted WiFi data can be sniffed out by hackers. Use Hotspot Shield to lock down and encrypt your data as its transmitted via WiFi.
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