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FCC claims repealing net neutrality has miraculously fixed broadband market

Just a handful of weeks after the scrapping of net neutrality regulations that prevented ISPs from creating internet fast lanes and throttling traffic, the FCC is now claiming that its changes are leading to a resurgence in the broadband internet market. The report states that “the marketplace is already responding to the more deployment-friendly regulatory […]

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Current Challenges Facing Net Neutrality

  In the simplest of terms, net neutrality refers to the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs), governments, or any other parties regulating the internet should treat all data the same. These regulatory bodies cannot charge differently based on variables such as the user, the type of content, the type of equipment used, and a […]

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Net Neutrality’s Worldwide Impact

For years, there has been no shortage of talk about net neutrality, and the conversation is reaching its climax. The debate over whether the Internet should be an open platform or if it should remain subject to the policies and whims of big companies is one that impacts people across the world. On February 26, […]

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