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10 Ways to protect your Gmail Account

Protecting your Gmail account means you must activate some tools that Google offers, and you must increase your scam savvy intelligence in order yto spot phishing scams. If you do both, you can have a very well-protected Gmail account. 1. Google 2 Step Verification This is the Holy Grail of account security. Not really, but […]

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managing online reputation

7 Ways We Leak Our Private Data

Some people just carelessly share their private data and information all over the web. What’s the danger of doing that? If you are not careful about protecting your private data and information, you may become the next victim of identity theft! Here are the 7 ways you may be leaking your private data and what […]

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Internet safety for kids

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Every parent should know all the ways they can keep their kids safe in the online world. In McAfee’s 2013 study, Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect between Parents and Kids, it was found that: 86% of kids think social sites are safe and post personal information such as their email addresses (50%) and phone numbers (32%) […]

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cyber attacks on US banks

10 Simple Tips to Bank Safely Online

One of the issues I’m passionate about, as an online-security analyst, is that of banking safely online. As such, I recommend the following simple tips to help ensure your security in cyberspace when doing online banking. Wired ethernet link. This offers more security than does a powerline or Wi-Fi network. In fact, the powerline carries […]

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phone tracking

Your Phone is Being Stalked!

The owner of your favorite restaurant may be tracking your every move—via your smartphone. Not because he’s a snoop, but because he believes knowing when and where you go for entertainment will benefit his business. And how did he pull this caper off? There’s are companys out there, that place sensors in businesses within a […]

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