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medical device cybersecurity

Why the FDA is Investigating Medical Device Cybersecurity

Healthcare providers have long detected a threat to medical devices and systems that use wireless connectivity. Hospital information systems have dealt with hackers accessing their files and corrupting their systems, but the threat posed to implanted medical devices is greater still. In 2008, researchers at the Medical Device Security Center found that implantable cardiac defibrillators […]

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Data-Mining in Schools: How It Could Threaten Your Kids’ Privacy

Once upon a time, your child’s school performance was tidily summarized in two, maybe three, report cards per year. The cards rested safely in his or her student file, shared only with parents, teachers, and college administrators. Today’s digital technology has completely revamped that practice, and once-private academic information is now shared with countless individuals […]

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bitcoin mining malware

More Than 20% of Financial Malware Attacks Target Bitcoin

According to recent reports, criminals target Bitcoins in more than one-fifth of financial malware attacks. Specifically, Bitcoin miners accounted for 14 percent of all financial attacks, while Bitcoin wallet-stealers accounted for 8 percent in the second quarter of 2014. Hackers also used keyloggers, or keystroke logging malware, to steal users’ authentication credentials for online payment […]

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Beware of the POODLE Bug

Do you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet at public places such as Starbucks? There’s a new security bug that you should be aware of. This security vulnerability could give hackers access to your bank, social media, and email accounts! This security hole is called POODLE. No, it doesn’t behave or bark like […]

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mobile payments

How Safe is the Digital Wallet on Your Smartphone?

Apple’s new digital wallet software may revolutionize the way people pay for things. While the digital wallet concept and various apps have been in use for years, few people have really embraced the technology. This may be due to the limited number of merchants who accept wallet apps, or technology barriers that prevent seamless integration […]

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It’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month

This month marks the 11th anniversary of the National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security and in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, National Cyber Security Month was created to raise awareness among the public about cyber security. As the same for last year, this year’s […]

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Internet censorship

Russian Internet Censorship: How it Helps Keep Putin in Power

When Vladimir Putin first became the Prime Minister of Russia in 1999, approximately 2 million members of his public had access to the Internet. Fast-forward 15 years: Putin is now the country’s president, and nearly half of Russia’s 144 million people have access to the web. At first glance, that statistic seems impressive. Russia’s Internet […]

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Big Data

People Analytics: Ways Big Data is Changing Human Resource Practices

Is your new boss a computer? On the surface, this question may seem absurd. Although we are living in an age of pervasive computing, the electronic box has yet to supplant humans in decision-making capacities. Or has it? Modern companies are increasingly turning to deep data metrics, often known by the colloquial term “Big Data,” […]

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cyber insurance

6 Reasons Cyber Insurance Is a Rapidly Growing Industry

Simply put, cyber insurance is a rapidly growing industry because cyber attacks are on the rise. Businesses want to protect themselves by managing the risks and resultant costs. Soon, cyber insurance is something that all businesses, big and small, will want in addition to the standard fire, flood, and theft protection. If you’re still not […]

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location data

How to Remove Location Data from Mobile Photos

Those cutesy photos in your phone of your puppy can reveal your location because the images leave footprints leading straight to your home. The trace data is called EXIF: exchangeable image file format. It may contain GPS coordinates of where you took the photos. Apple’s and Google’s smartphones ask owners if it’s okay to access […]

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