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wearable tech

Wearable Tech and Personal Security Breaches: 6 Things to Know

Wearable technology is growing rapidly in popularity, with the consulting firm Deloitte predicting as many as 100 million wearable gadgets on the market in 2020. These devices track users’ behavior, lifestyle, and performance, creating what’s known as a “quantifiable self” from the data. While maintaining this quantifiable self can help users follow a fitness regime or […]

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VPN Prevents Google Queries from Being Linked Publicly to an IP Address

The majority of your search history is probably not all that sensitive; perhaps you Googled where to buy tickets for the latest Hunger Games flick or how to get rid of belly fat. Search queries like these don’t really require the utmost confidentiality, but consider the other topics that you search. Thinking your search anonymous, […]

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masque attack

The Masque Attack iOS Security Flaw: Latest Details and Staying Safe

The threat of a Masque Attack has made big headlines in recent weeks, warning iOS users of this potentially dangerous security flaw. While this type of attack does have the potential to compromise a user’s data, it’s not as malicious or as pressing of a concern as it may seem. The key to avoiding a […]

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10 ways to Keep your Mobile Data safe from mCrime

A smart thief will go after smartphones: a portal through which to gain access to your money, accounts, data and social. Few people think they’re not smart enough to prevent a crime involving their precious mobile phone, but it happens to even the highly educated who think they can’t be outwitted. mCrime is big business […]

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Is the Chromebook Really Just a “Google Spyware Machine”?

A lawsuit filed in 2014 against Google has reignited the debate over the company’s controversial email-scanning practices. Represented by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), two of the suit’s nine plaintiffs accuse Google of data-mining student emails sent and received through Google Apps for Education on Chromebooks. They contend that Google violated student privacy laws […]

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Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong: How This Affects Internet Freedom

Hong Kong, a special territory of Communist China, is in turmoil now as 2017 elections approach and pro-democratic citizens use the Internet to make their political opinions known. Pro-democratic Hong Kong citizens have spread their ideals through social media, but at a price — their government is watching them very closely. China insists that its […]

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Safe Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

How to Shop Online Safely on Cyber Monday

Last year, shoppers spent record amounts of money on Cyber Monday. A majority of shoppers did their shopping on mobile and tablet devices. The proliferation of mobile and tablet devices should lead to another record Cyber Monday shopping. Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday online spending is expected to break $2.60 billion in 2014. For those […]

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How the Koler Android Ransomware Can Spread Through Text Messages

Since October 2014, security firms have tracked and attempted to combat a new, insidious computer virus that has spread at frightening speed, especially in the United States. Known as the Koler virus, the ransomware Trojan worm has been a dubious foe for security firms to contain. Due to its screen-locking ability and its ability to access […]

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Big Data Algorithms

Big Data & Algorithms: How They’re Changing the Way We Live

If you think that big data doesn’t play a role in your life, think again. Say that your little one seems under the weather. You Google his symptoms and search for the best cough medicine for kids. Meanwhile, Google aggregates and analyzes search queries, such as “my kid is sick,” in your location to estimate […]

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6 Tips to keep your Online Photos secure

Do you want all your embarrassing and compromising photos being shared all over the Web? I got a en email from a Facebook “friend” who I don’t really know who stated “Robert, I lost my phone at a concert last night and someone posted all my naked pictures to Facebook”. There’s just so many things […]

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