How to watch Netflix’s most popular TV shows/movies from outside US

Netflix has become my favorite entertainment option. Ever since I got my Netflix subscription, I hardly go to the movie theater anymore. Netflix has a wide collection of awesome movies and TV series. So, on the weekends that you don’t feel like going out, there are enough movies and shows to keep you entertained for the whole […]

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Watch Bangladesh vs England live

Game 33 of the ICC World Cup brings Bangladesh and England head to head in Adelaide on March 8th at 8:30pm Pacific Time. Use Hotspot Shield to catch the action live. Follow these 3 easy steps to tune-in from anywhere in the world! 1. Download Hotspot Shield on your device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) and upgrade to the Elite version […]

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Net Neutrality’s Worldwide Impact

For years, there has been no shortage of talk about net neutrality, and the conversation is reaching its climax. The debate over whether the Internet should be an open platform or if it should remain subject to the policies and whims of big companies is one that impacts people across the world. On February 26, […]

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Is Apple Hurting Itself with Its Data Privacy Views?

Apple CEO Tim Cook presents a rather straightforward approach to Apple Pay, the company’s new payment system. Instead of viewing consumers as the company’s moneymakers, he focuses on the product itself. Like most payment systems, Apple Pay generates a small profit from each transaction. Unlike most payment systems, however, the system doesn’t generate funds by […]

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