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bitcoins mining

Hackers Are Using Cameras to (Unsuccessfully) Mine Bitcoins

Cybercriminals have recently taken a fresh approach at hacking into user devices, branching out into the Internet of Things to attack security cameras. Although the implications are disturbing, this first attack turned out to be a fairly harmless and largely ineffective attempt to mine bitcoins. What is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoins are a popular form of [...]

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5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked: Was Yours One of Them?

Media outlets were abuzz recently with news that millions of Gmail passwords were leaked online. The story is enough to send the 425 million active Gmail users into a tailspin, but it’s important to keep calm and look at the facts. Could your password be one of those compromised? And even if you weren’t a [...]

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iphone 6

Apple’s New iPhone 6: Examining the Highlights and Security Features

During the past few months, millions of mobile users and die-hard Apple fans eagerly await the announcement of the iPhone 6. Apple’s loyal iPhone fans, after all, have long awaited a device with a bigger screen, a better mobile camera, access to a contactless payment technology, and much more. After much ado, the hot new phone [...]

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Researchers say your mobile carrier’s network isn’t all that secure

Recently, researchers have discovered that the tools that update your smartphone’s operating system over the air have holes that hackers can slip into! It’s estimated that as many as two billion handsets are vulnerable, and in some instances, security patches haven’t even been released. The open mobile alliance device management (OMA-DM) protocol is used by [...]

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The Celebrity Photo Hacks: What We Know So Far and How to Stay Secure

Celebrity watchers are seeing more of their favorite starlets than ever before after their private Internet accounts were recently hacked. This case provides a timely reminder of the importance of online security. Although details are still sketchy, some pretty poignant facts and implications have emerged, along with some valuable takeaways. Read on to discover how [...]

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Right to be forgotten

Will the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” Rule Transform the Internet?

There is a specter haunting the European Union (EU): the specter of forgetfulness. A set of regulatory laws passed by the Union in recent years guarantees citizens the Right to be Forgotten, promising the ability to clean the online record of bad decisions. The right was recently upheld in the highest EU courts, signaling that it may [...]

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Support Privacy as a Human Right

Do you support privacy as a human right? Anchorfree’s CEO, David Gorodyansky, will be speaking on this topic at SXSW 2015 with your help. SXSW (South by Southwest) is a set of film, interactive, and music festivals and conferences that take place annually in Austin, Texas in mid-March. Each year, thousands of entries are submitted. [...]

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household items spying

How Your Household Items Could Be Spying On Everything You Do

Many items in your home, including your dryer, is a computer with the ability to track your behavior. Corporate entities and hackers alike are increasingly finding ways to capitalize on data grabs from even our most mundane of daily activities. Thanks to the ever-growing Internet of Things that’s becoming integrated into the fabric of our [...]

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How the Internet Security Landscape Shifted in 2014′s First Quarter

The good news is that observed Internet attack traffic fell in most countries in the first quarter of 2014. The bad news is that the United States has risen to second in the world, after China, as a source of attack traffic. The most recent State of the Internet Report by Akamai Technologies identifies these [...]

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Google Glass – Are the Privacy Fears Justified?

Google has been celebrating the May 2014 public release of its Google Glass with a traveling road show that allows tech-heads to play with the wearable technology. At the shows Google employees and early adopters known as Google Glass “Explorers” extol the virtues of the Internet-capable eyewear, which contains a built-in camera. However, the device [...]

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