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Safe Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

How to Shop Online Safely on Cyber Monday

Last year, shoppers spent record amounts of money on Cyber Monday. A majority of shoppers did their shopping on mobile and tablet devices. The proliferation of mobile and tablet devices should lead to another record Cyber Monday shopping. Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday online spending is expected to break $2.60 billion in 2014. For those […]

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How the Koler Android Ransomware Can Spread Through Text Messages

Since October 2014, security firms have tracked and attempted to combat a new, insidious computer virus that has spread at frightening speed, especially in the United States. Known as the Koler virus, the ransomware Trojan worm has been a dubious foe for security firms to contain. Due to its screen-locking ability and its ability to access […]

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Big Data Algorithms

Big Data & Algorithms: How They’re Changing the Way We Live

If you think that big data doesn’t play a role in your life, think again. Say that your little one seems under the weather. You Google his symptoms and search for the best cough medicine for kids. Meanwhile, Google aggregates and analyzes search queries, such as “my kid is sick,” in your location to estimate […]

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6 Tips to keep your Online Photos secure

Do you want all your embarrassing and compromising photos being shared all over the Web? I got a en email from a Facebook “friend” who I don’t really know who stated “Robert, I lost my phone at a concert last night and someone posted all my naked pictures to Facebook”. There’s just so many things […]

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Apple Pay

Introducing Apple Pay: A Look at Usability, Competition, and Security

Credit and debit cards could soon take a backseat to the newest and hottest form of payment to date: the mobile wallet. In October 2014, Apple cornered the mobile wallet market by introducing Apple Pay, a new app that experts predict will be a huge hit. Born of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Apple Pay […]

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Why U.S. Colleges are Failing at Cyber-Security

America’s colleges and universities are becoming a playground for cyber criminals. Without regulation, their open networks and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture makes them an easy target for online attacks. Read on to discover the reasons our institutions of higher education get a failing grade for cyber security. U.S. Schools Have Poor Security Ratings […]

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medical device cybersecurity

Why the FDA is Investigating Medical Device Cybersecurity

Healthcare providers have long detected a threat to medical devices and systems that use wireless connectivity. Hospital information systems have dealt with hackers accessing their files and corrupting their systems, but the threat posed to implanted medical devices is greater still. In 2008, researchers at the Medical Device Security Center found that implantable cardiac defibrillators […]

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Data Mining

Data-Mining in Schools: How It Could Threaten Your Kids’ Privacy

Once upon a time, your child’s school performance was tidily summarized in two, maybe three, report cards per year. The cards rested safely in his or her student file, shared only with parents, teachers, and college administrators. Today’s digital technology has completely revamped that practice, and once-private academic information is now shared with countless individuals […]

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bitcoin mining malware

More Than 20% of Financial Malware Attacks Target Bitcoin

According to recent reports, criminals target Bitcoins in more than one-fifth of financial malware attacks. Specifically, Bitcoin miners accounted for 14 percent of all financial attacks, while Bitcoin wallet-stealers accounted for 8 percent in the second quarter of 2014. Hackers also used keyloggers, or keystroke logging malware, to steal users’ authentication credentials for online payment […]

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Beware of the POODLE Bug

Do you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet at public places such as Starbucks? There’s a new security bug that you should be aware of. This security vulnerability could give hackers access to your bank, social media, and email accounts! This security hole is called POODLE. No, it doesn’t behave or bark like […]

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