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How the Internet Security Landscape Shifted in 2014′s First Quarter

The good news is that observed Internet attack traffic fell in most countries in the first quarter of 2014. The bad news is that the United States has risen to second in the world, after China, as a source of attack traffic. The most recent State of the Internet Report by Akamai Technologies identifies these [...]

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Google Glass – Are the Privacy Fears Justified?

Google has been celebrating the May 2014 public release of its Google Glass with a traveling road show that allows tech-heads to play with the wearable technology. At the shows Google employees and early adopters known as Google Glass “Explorers” extol the virtues of the Internet-capable eyewear, which contains a built-in camera. However, the device [...]

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black phone

Secured by Design: Is the Blackphone the Future of Mobile Privacy?

The struggle for security in a high-tech world expresses itself in a battle for technological supremacy between tech users and those seeking their precious data—thieves, intelligence agencies, and the like. Recently, a new tool, the SGP Technologies Blackphone, was released to an increasingly privacy-concerned public to great financial success, selling out its initial run. But [...]

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What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked

You’re not special; a hacker CAN get into your computer or smartphone. Would you know how to clean up this mess? Start by locating the portal through which the hacker got in such as a browser or an email program. Next, disconnect/uninstall this gateway from the Internet so it doesn’t invade other systems. Check for [...]

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The Complete Guide to Removing Yourself From Scammer Contact Lists

Scammers are often clever people who stay one step ahead of the game to make a profit on swindling people. You only need to run a brief Internet search for the phrase “scam horror stories,” and it becomes clear that scammers know how to pique people’s interest and get them to respond by using the promise [...]

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15 ways to prevent Travel related Identity Theft

Most of us think about the popular tourist places we want to visit, which restaurants to dine at, and what to pack we make plans for our vacation. But just as important, you should also think about taking the necessary measures to protect your identity while traveling. Follow the tips below to safeguards your identity: [...]

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5 of the Strangest Things Ever Done with a Stolen Identity

Leonardo DiCaprio was a charming identity thief in “Catch Me If You Can” to the extent that moviegoers cheered for and sympathized with him. In reality, however, identity theft is rarely charming, and only sociopaths applaud the thieves. After all, what’s cheerful about damaged credit histories, devastated reputations, and ruined lives? Identity thieves are motivated by [...]

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Two New Virtual Locations Added for Hotspot Shield – Germany & Canada

Anchorfree has recently added servers in Canada and Germany to create virtual locations in these countries. We now have virtual locations in 6 countries: USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany. The addition of these 2 new virtual locations means you have access to a larger pool of VPN servers and IP addresses, giving [...]

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Could License Plate Recognition Databases Infringe on Your Privacy?

Our ability to collect, store, and search data has increased at an alarming rate over the past an effort to prevent terrorism. And now, an additional debate about privacy has arisen as the Department of Homeland Security has advocated a national license plate database that will incorporate license plate image data to assist law enforcement. Is [...]

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Digital Footprints

5 Terrifying Ramifications of Medical Identity Theft

Last year, nearly two million Americans became a victim of medical identity theft, 32 percent more than the year before. Today, medical identity theft accounts for 43 percent of all identity theft in the United States, and cases are rising faster than any other type of identity theft. Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses [...]

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