Win a tablet and more great prizes!

It’s time of the month again to have a giveaway and celebrate our amazing users. Indeed we wouldn’t be here without you guys! Enter below to win! Win a tablet, Amazon Prime & Elite Memberships! What’s to win! 1st Grand Prize: 1 Kindle Fire HD tablet ($99) + 1-year Amazon Prime membership ($100) + 1-year […]

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Are WiFi Phone Calls Safe?

In fewer than 10 years, smartphones have revolutionized how we interact with the world and with each other. Carrying a powerful computer in your pocket has countless advantages, but what about the risks? Mobile innovation is moving so fast, driven by a voracious market, that many consumers are jumping to adopt new technologies without stopping […]

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7 Data Privacy Tips You Can Learn from Teens

Teenagers are the unwired generation. Everywhere you go, you see young people liking, tweeting, texting, messaging, taking selfies, and doing a dozen other things on social media. They’re eager to share their lives with their peers and, it seems, the world in general. Because it seems like teenagers can’t live without a data connection, many […]

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Google and VPN: What Could It Mean for Android Users?

The battle between iOS and Android is a multifaceted one that involves features, functions, hardware design, app availability, and a host of other factors. One key player in the battle is security. Viruses and malware that infect iOS are rare while Android devices have more security issues. However, the latest advancement from Google could change that. […]

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