6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account from Hackers

Twitter hacks are far from an uncommon occurrence. Users ranging from major news media outlets to A-list celebrities have suffered the effects of unscrupulous hackers. Depending on the nature of the hack, the effects can range from annoying to disastrous. While there are ways you can recover from a Twitter hack, a far better tactic […]

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Top Netflix Movies to Watch Based on Your Mood Before They Are Gone in April

It could happen to anyone. Every time you access your Netflix account, you see an interesting movie but don’t feel like watching right away. It’ll still be there another day. When you finally decide to watch it, however, it is gone. It has left Netflix US and slipped into cyberspace oblivion. Your entertainment options don’t […]

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AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky Supporting Online Privacy at SXSW 2015

This March, our very own David Gorodyansky presented a panel discussion at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. Gorodyansky co-founded AnchorFree at the age of 23 with a single mission in mind: to make Internet freedom and privacy a reality for every computer user on the planet. As CEO, Gorodyansky nurtured AnchorFree from its […]

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Watch these Netflix US movies before they’re removed in April

Unfortunately with Netflix, there is no forever. Here is a list of few of the movies we’ll miss when Netflix removes them in April. If you still want to watch these movies and you’re outside of the US, make sure you sign up for Hotspot Shield Elite to access Netflix in your country now before […]

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How to Watch UEFA Champions League Games Live Online From Any Country

American football may be the go-to sport for fans in the good old United States, but soccer is the worldwide champion in terms of popularity. Whether it’s the fast-paced action, the jaw-dropping athleticism, or the determined spirit of the players, there is never a lack of reasons to love the world’s football. You can feed […]

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How to Watch the 2015 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament Online from Anywhere

The 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship tournament (better known as March Madness) kicks off tomorrow. Do you have your bracket filled out yet? Will the Kentucky team go all the way to become the first team to complete the season undefeated since the Indiana Hoosiers did it in 1975-76? Which top seed teams will be the 1st to fall? Which 4 teams will […]

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What Brocade’s New Encryption Functionality Could Mean for Data Privacy

What Brocade’s new encryption functionality could mean for data privacy is far-reaching, especially for businesses looking to move increasing amounts of data to cloud storage. How much can the company’s efforts boost privacy across the private and public sectors? The details shed new light. Ensuring End-to-End Data Security By adding top-level encryption to secure data […]

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How to Unblock ITV & BBC iPlayer from Anywhere in the World

If you are a Brit traveling abroad for holiday or work, you might wander how you can watch BBC iPlayer or ITV player. You might also wonder this if you’re not British but love watching British shows like: EastEnders, Top Gear, Waterloo Roads, Bluestone 42, MasterChef, Downton Abbey, It’ll be Alright on the Night, Sherlock Holmes, and Good Morning Britain. This is […]

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