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Two New Virtual Locations Added for Hotspot Shield – Germany & Canada

Anchorfree has recently added servers in Canada and Germany to create virtual locations in these countries. We now have virtual locations in 6 countries: USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Germany. The addition of these 2 new virtual locations means you have access to a larger pool of VPN servers and IP addresses, giving [...]

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Could License Plate Recognition Databases Infringe on Your Privacy?

Our ability to collect, store, and search data has increased at an alarming rate over the past an effort to prevent terrorism. And now, an additional debate about privacy has arisen as the Department of Homeland Security has advocated a national license plate database that will incorporate license plate image data to assist law enforcement. Is [...]

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Digital Footprints

5 Terrifying Ramifications of Medical Identity Theft

Last year, nearly two million Americans became a victim of medical identity theft, 32 percent more than the year before. Today, medical identity theft accounts for 43 percent of all identity theft in the United States, and cases are rising faster than any other type of identity theft. Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses [...]

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Facebook Security for Parents and Teens

Facebook offers a hefty amount of security measures that parents and teens should know about. The Login Social authentication – A hacker will have a harder time hacking into your Facebook account if he or she must identify your friends via photos – This verification process is social authentication, and it’s easier to use than [...]

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Using Modern Tech to Catch Cyberbullies

If your child has ever been bullied, then you already know how much pain it causes, especially when the bullying goes from the classroom to the Internet. Online identities give users a certain level of anonymity when it comes to cyberbullying, but parents and law enforcement are using the very technology bullies abuse to catch [...]

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couch surfing

Couch Surfing: Is it a Threat to Your Identity?

Couch surfing involves offering weary travelers a place to crash for a night or two in your home in exchange for similar travel accommodations. But the “your house is my house” experience also comes with personal information and identity theft concerns, especially if you don’t take the proper measures to protect your belongings when travelers [...]

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Protect your Cards from Multiple Kinds of Skimmers

PIN may sometimes stand for pilfered identification number if a hacker gets yours. And it’s easier than ever for thieves to get your PIN from an ATM, coming up with clever ways to beat security technology. The “primitive” way to get your card number is to manually place a phony card reader over an ATM [...]

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wearable technology

8 Personal Privacy Concerns Posed by Wearable Technology

Your personal privacy is of the utmost importance, so it might come as a surprise that some of your wearable technology could pose a privacy threat. From smart watches and calorie counters to every piece of mobile tech in between, the convenience of wearable technology also comes with privacy threats if you don’t play it [...]

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10 Ways to protect your Gmail Account

Protecting your Gmail account means you must activate some tools that Google offers, and you must increase your scam savvy intelligence in order yto spot phishing scams. If you do both, you can have a very well-protected Gmail account. 1. Google 2 Step Verification This is the Holy Grail of account security. Not really, but [...]

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How to Have an Amazing World Cup Experience [Infographic]

The 2014 FIFA World Cup event is less than 10 days away. This year’s greatest sporting event on Earth will be held in Brazil, where soccer (or “football” as what most people outside of the U.S. call it) and samba dancing are ways of life. If you are the lucky few who will be traveling to [...]

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