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Malvertising: The Biggest Threat to Mobile Security

Every time you use your mobile device to access the Internet, millions upon millions of invisible threads connect your device with the cyberverse. While the Internet is an invaluable tool, it is also a breeding ground for every kind of digital threat, and those threats constantly evolve. Take malvertising, for example; according to experts, it [...]

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Internet safety tips for seniors

Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

Senior citizens are connecting to the Internet in greater numbers every year. According to the findings by the Pew Research Center, 53% of American seniors age 65 and over use the Internet or email. This makes  seniors are among the fastest group of internet users. Unfortunately, seniors are vulnerable to identity theft & various internet scams due [...]

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selfie picture

Can Posting Selfies Online Get You Hacked?

Selfies are a rapidly growing trend, with data indicating that selfies make up nearly a third of all photos taken by people age 18 to 24. Roughly half of all men and significantly more than half of all women have taken a selfie at some point. What many people don’t realize, however, is that these [...]

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Internet safety for kids

How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Every parent should know all the ways they can keep their kids safe in the online world. In McAfee’s 2013 study, Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect between Parents and Kids, it was found that: 86% of kids think social sites are safe and post personal information such as their email addresses (50%) and phone numbers (32%) [...]

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How Data Brokers Get Your Personal Information

Data brokers have lots of personal information about you; here’s what you can do about that. Ever heard of the term “data broker”?  What do you think that is? Think about that for a moment. Yep, you got it: An entity that goes after your data and sells it to another entity. The entity that [...]

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6 ways College Grads can Protect Their Online Reputations

These days, it’s crucial for college grads seeking jobs to have an online reputation that’s as clean as a whistle. I’m an online-security and ID theft expert, so trust me when I say that yes, employers DO take into account what you did at that party during your sophomore year. Here’s what you, the new [...]

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Turkish Citizens Easily Circumvented Twitter Ban with Hotspot Shield

Last Thursday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan imposed a ban on Twitter. Thanks to technologies such as Hotspot Shield VPN, many local users were able to circumvent the restrictions and continued broadcasting their tweets. Calling social media a “menace to society”, Erdogan promised to “wipe out Twitter.” He had previously threatened to ban Facebook and YouTube [...]

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5 Ways the Medical Field is Being Targeted by Hackers

The use of electronic medical records is on the rise, with 54% of physicians using an electronic health record system as of 2011. The 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act provides Medicaid and Medicare incentives to healthcare providers who adopt these systems. With an increasing number of patient records available in [...]

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bit coins

How Hackers and Regulators Are Causing Problems for Bitcoin Users

Bitcoins are an innovative form of digital currency. While the system as a whole can seem like a brilliant invention in today’s tech-driven age, there are many weak points and inherent flaws that mar the idealistic surface of the bitcoin system. Both unscrupulous cyber criminals and concerned government officials are causing snags that may slow [...]

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Target hacking

Update on the Investigation Into the Christmas Target Hacking

The 2013 hack that affected up to 110 million Target customers stunned shoppers who thought their information was safe with major retailers. In the following months, a great deal of information came out about the attack. Each new revelation has only served to underscore how vulnerable personal data is in a world of computer savvy [...]

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