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The Best Ways To Save Money On Your Next Summer Getaway

Thinking of a summer getaway? Planning a trip to some exotic destination overseas? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you out. VPN’s provide a host of benefits such as unrestricted website access, online security, and identity protection. These are terrific advantages, but a VPN can also offer you something greater: It can help you save […]

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5 Things You Need To Do When Using a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) provides a lot of great features and is one of the best free to download tools that you can use to improve your browsing experience. A VPN such as Hotspot Shield has dozens of benefits including access to blocked content, secure online sessions, and added malware protection, among others. Best […]

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Blog Hotspot Shield_encryption vs safety of the Society

Are Tor and VPNs Harmful to Society?

Much has been in the news lately about encryption technology and its impact on both law enforcement and civil liberties. Most recently, the battle between Apple and the Department of Justice over privacy rights and encryption on the San Bernardino shooters’ phones has spilled into the news, close on the heels of the global discussion […]

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Blog_VPN vs. proxy

VPN vs. Proxy, Who Wins the Security and Privacy Battle?

If you are overseas somewhere and want to access your Facebook page…don’t be surprised if you can’t do this. In fact, you won’t even be able to get onto the Facebook site (or YouTube, for that matter), depending on what country that you are visiting. This is because some countries limit website access for their […]

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Blog_Hotspot Shield_Europe Antitrust Probe

Everything You Need to Know About EU’s Antitrust Probe

As streaming entertainment rapidly replaces traditional broadcast and cable networks, customers have a broader menu of choices and complete control over when they want to watch their favorite programs. More difficult to control, however, is geographical access to these services. An increasing number of streaming service providers are restricting their services to customers who live […]

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VPN для “товарищей отдыхающих”

Летом все только и делают, что путешествуют. Это могут быть деловые поездки, отдых всей семьей или путешествия в одиночку с рюкзаком. При этом мы меньше всего задумываемся о безопасном использовании Интернета. Переезжая с места на место, мы подключаемся к сетям Wi-Fi по разным причинам. Например, нам бывает нужно узнать, куда ехать дальше, выкладывать в сеть […]

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VPN Prevents Google Queries from Being Linked Publicly to an IP Address

The majority of your search history is probably not all that sensitive; perhaps you Googled where to buy tickets for the latest Hunger Games flick or how to get rid of belly fat. Search queries like these don’t really require the utmost confidentiality, but consider the other topics that you search. Thinking your search anonymous, […]

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