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Levent Sapci June 21, 2013

How to Compress Data on Your iPhone with Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield for iPhoneI’m an avid iPhone user and I practically use my iPhone for everything since I’m always on the go. However, I’ve been frustrated with my data plan lately. I originally had an unlimited data plan until my cell phone provider no longer offered it at the time of renewing my contract. Instead, I was given three data plan options: 250MB, 3GB or 5GB. Thinking that I wasn’t going to consume much data, I settled on the 3GB data plan. Boy, was I wrong!

From sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram to checking emails on my iPhone, I always find myself getting that dreaded text each month from my cell phone provider:

You have used 100% of your data plan allowance. You are being billed $15 for an additional 200mb”.

Data plans are indeed expensive, but it is such a pain to try to minimize data usage.

Fortunately, there is a solution to help heavy data users like me. Using a data compression app such as Hotspot Shield reduces data usage and saves money on mobile users’ data plans.  So how does it work? Well, as web content passes from your mobile device to Hotspot Shield’s secure servers, it gets compressed. Therefore, you are able to download up to twice as much content for the same bandwidth cost!

Instructions on How To Compress Data on Your iPhone with Hotspot Shield
Follow these easy instructions from our “How-To” video! Watch it here.

The Benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN
In addition to the data savings, Hotspot Shield VPN provide you with these benefits:

  • Wi-Fi Security: Protect yourself from hackers in public Wi-Fi hotspots such as airports, hotels and cafes
  • Anonymous Browsing: Surf the web anonymously without being tracked or monitored
  • Bypass Internet Censorship: Unblock any website or apps from anywhere in the world
  • Malware Protection: Detects all forms of malware

So what are you waiting for? Download Hotspot Shield for your mobile device today!

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