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5 Cybersecurity Policies Your Company Should Implement

Cybersecurity is a major concern for nearly every business today. While proper software and hardware offer a first line of defense against cyber criminals, it’s important to institute company policies that will guide the behavior of employees at every level. Simple human error is often the cause of a cybersecurity breach. Providing proper guidelines and […]

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Training or Technology? The Best Way to Solve Cyber Security Issues

The recent Sony hack confirms to us that hacking is a growing and persistent threat. When both individuals and businesses alike become victims of cyber security crimes on a regular basis, it’s time for businesses and individuals to seriously consider upping their cyber security games. Computer and smartphone users should implement a combination of security measures, […]

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Follow these 6 Tips to Protect Your Business from Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is a growing problem, with half of all IT professionals reporting that their organization has been targeted by such a specialized attack. In more than a third of these cases, login credentials were compromised and corporate IT systems accessed. Could your business recover from such an attack? Read on to discover six key […]

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Security Risks of BYOD

More and more consumers are owning smart phone or tablet devices and bringing them to work. Some companies are embracing the “bring your own device” or “BYOD” trend without fully understanding the security risk implications. When employees improperly use their mobile devices, they put their companies at risk for data breaches. This includes leaving lots […]

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