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Airport wifi

The 10 airports where you’re most likely to get hacked

It’s no secret: connecting to free WiFi is super dangerous. It takes an inexperienced hacker just minutes to access your sensitive data and steal information like credit cards or bank details. This is because free WiFi—like you’d find at airports or coffee shops—is unencrypted. And unencrypted WiFi is like a free buffet for cybercriminals. But […]

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These common “smart” toys are being hacked to spy on children

My Friend Cayla, an innocent looking children’s doll gracing the homes of tens of thousands of kids around the world, was recently named an “illegal espionage apparatus.” It’s not the only smart toy, either. Practically every toy that connects to the internet is an open invitation for hackers, identity thieves, and predators—and it’s a danger […]

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hacked home security cameras

This “simple trick” gives anyone access to your home security camera

Recently, there was a shocking headline on the BBC. It said: “Home Security Camera Sends Video to Wrong Person.” Louisa Lewis had looked at her phone’s security camera app and noticed that she was seeing someone else’s kitchen. There was also a random person stood washing the dishes. Somehow, she was not seeing her own […]

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Baby monitor hacked

This terrified mother discovered her child’s baby monitor had been hacked

A mother recently claimed that her baby monitor had been used to spy on her family. A scene from a movie? Nope. It really happened, and it could happen to you too. This particular monitor was the Fredi WiFi baby monitor, but many monitors are equally as vulnerable. According to researchers, the devices can easily […]

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