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Are you Cyber Aware? Here’s the facts (Infographic)

Why use Hotspot Shield? Aside from masking your IP address, better security via advanced encryption, and added malware protection, Hotspot Shield also has other features that provide better online connectivity.  You can use it to unblock websites blocked by your network administrator, protect yourself from attacks when connected to public hotspots, and access content that […]

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Stay Anonymous and Secure Online with Hotspot Shield

Stay Anonymous and Secure Online in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Get Hotspot Shield VPN A VPN is an effective way of staying anonymous and secure online, and the best VPN for the job is Hotspot Shield. Aside from IP address masking, which keeps users anonymous, Hotspot Shield makes use of advanced encryption technology to provide secure connections, protecting your sensitive information from snoopers […]

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Best VPN for Malware Protection

How Hackers use the Delilah Malware for Blackmail

A new strain of malware is raising the eyebrows of the security community, with long term consequences for any infected users. Known as “Delilah,” the malicious software is said to seed itself into the system of a user, remaining dormant within folders and collecting sensitive data to be used for blackmail later on. The Delilah […]

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SEO Poisoning and How You Can Avoid It

In the mid-1990s, as people started flocking to the Internet and websites began appearing left and right, there came a need for a more systematic way to search for information, leading to the birth of search engine optimization (SEO). Today, in addition to making it easier for users to look for information online, SEO is also […]

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Blog Hotspot Shield - Cyber Security Policies

5 Cybersecurity Policies Your Company Should Implement

Cybersecurity is a major concern for nearly every business today. While proper software and hardware offer a first line of defense against cyber criminals, it’s important to institute company policies that will guide the behavior of employees at every level. Simple human error is often the cause of a cybersecurity breach. Providing proper guidelines and […]

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Anomaly detection

How Anomaly Detection Protects Your Data

The  recent Sony hack attack tells us that a data breach could inflict huge damage and embarassment to a company. Investigators haven’t ruled out the possibility of a disgruntled ex-employee behind the attack. One way to prevent your employees from stealing your company’s data is to detect anomalous behavior coming from an employee—online behavior and even offline […]

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personal data journey

Training or Technology? The Best Way to Solve Cyber Security Issues

The recent Sony hack confirms to us that hacking is a growing and persistent threat. When both individuals and businesses alike become victims of cyber security crimes on a regular basis, it’s time for businesses and individuals to seriously consider upping their cyber security games. Computer and smartphone users should implement a combination of security measures, […]

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wearable tech

Wearable Tech and Personal Security Breaches: 6 Things to Know

Wearable technology is growing rapidly in popularity, with the consulting firm Deloitte predicting as many as 100 million wearable gadgets on the market in 2020. These devices track users’ behavior, lifestyle, and performance, creating what’s known as a “quantifiable self” from the data. While maintaining this quantifiable self can help users follow a fitness regime or […]

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Safe Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

How to Shop Online Safely on Cyber Monday

Last year, shoppers spent record amounts of money on Cyber Monday. A majority of shoppers did their shopping on mobile and tablet devices. The proliferation of mobile and tablet devices should lead to another record Cyber Monday shopping. Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday online spending is expected to break $2.60 billion in 2014. For those […]

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Why U.S. Colleges are Failing at Cyber-Security

America’s colleges and universities are becoming a playground for cyber criminals. Without regulation, their open networks and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture makes them an easy target for online attacks. Read on to discover the reasons our institutions of higher education get a failing grade for cyber security. U.S. Schools Have Poor Security Ratings […]

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