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Alex Lloyd July 26, 2018

How to unblock Minecraft at school

Typically, games, streaming sites, and social media apps are blocked when connected to school, college, or office networks. Why? Because students or employees may spend more time playing than working. Another common reason is to protect against network overload due to bandwidth issues. It’s likely, then, that at your school or office, games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft — or streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, and others — are blocked. However, you can get unblocked games at school for free. So how do you get Minecraft unblocked at school or work?

Simple, download Hotspot Shield’s free app.

Minecraft unblocked

By using Hotspot Shield on your mobile or desktop device, it encrypts your connection so it remains both secure and private. This means your online activities are completely anonymous; the network you’re connected to will have no idea what site you’re trying to visit. And if it doesn’t know you’re connected to Minecraft, it can’t block you.

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Download Hotspot Shield for FREE

Step 2: Open up the app and click “connect” (your connection is now encrypted)

Step 3: Login to your Minecraft app

Step 4: Voila! Minecraft unblocked. Enjoy restriction-free gameplay, from anywhere.

Over 600 million people around the world trust Hotspot Shield to access restricted content. Here are just some of the features you get when using the app.

Change your IP address to keep playing after you’ve been unfairly banned

  • Bypass content restrictions at school or work
  • Protect your data from hackers
  • Reduce lag time by connecting to servers located closer to where the game’s servers are
  • Play anywhere, even in foreign countries or on public WiFi
  • Avoid harmful DDoS attacks

At Hotspot Shield, we don’t keep track or store your online activity, IP address, or other personal information. If you want to remain anonymous online, Hotspot Shield is the way to go. With it, you’ll get:

  • The entire internet, without content restrictions
  • Anonymous surfing
  • Private and secure browsing
  • WiFi security
  • Malware protection

There are tons of ways Hotspot Shield will improve your daily internet experience. Not only will it make you safer on the web, it even provides ways for you to save money — like on flight tickets or when shopping online. That’s the power of being able to switch out your IP address and connect to servers located abroad to ‘spoof’ your location.

Talking of, by upgrading to Hotspot Shield’s Premium version (there’s a 7-day trial to try it out) you get access to 25 virtual server locations around the world. You also get unlimited bandwidth so you can play games and stream content as much as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy Minecraft unblocked today and download Hotspot Shield for FREE. Give it a try, and experience what 600 million people are talking about. Just remember to pay attention in class and ask your teacher for permission. 

Download Hotspot Shield for FREE

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