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Levent Sapci March 24, 2018

How to watch NCAA March Madness basketball online for free

The NCAA Basketball Championship tournament (better known as March Madness) has kicked off. If you don’t want to miss out on the action, read on to find out how you can follow the NCAA March Madness live online—from anywhere in the world.

We will show you how to bypass firewalls at your office, school, or any country that has geo-restriction.

Where to watch NCAA March Madness online with a U.S. cable subscription

If you live in the US, you can catch the games on CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV. You can also stream games from the March Madness Live channel. The March Madness Live app will stream the games on your Android, iOS, or Windows mobile.

Alternatively, you can watch March Madness using Sling TV ($20/month, comes with a free 7-day trial) which will give you access to TBS and TNT broadcasts on your computer, phone, or tablet. Hulu is also streaming NCAA March Madness and offers a free trial.

Where to stream NCAA March Madness online for FREE (without a cable subscription)

The easiest way to watch the games without cable is to download a Virtual Private Network, or VPN. A VPN encrypts your online activities by rerouting your traffic through its secure servers, thus making your browsing experience anonymous. A VPN like Hotspot Shield allows you to change the location of those servers to a different country, essentially fooling the site you’re trying to visit into thinking you’re located somewhere else. (For example, if streaming is free for U.S. residents but you’re in the U.K., you simply connect to the Hotspot Shield server located in the U.S. and, voila, the website will think you’re located there and let you in.)

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download Hotspot Shield VPN’s 100% Free Chrome Extension (no ads!) => click here.
  2. Turn on the Hotspot Shield for Chrome Extension and select the US Virtual Location.
    1. Go to March Madness Live to watch the games live.

Keep in mind that If you don’t have cable, things get a little more confusing. You can still use the March Madness app—you do not need a login to watch on-demand videos, or any of the live games on CBS. And if you want to watch a non-CBS game (on TBS, TNT, or TruTV) the app gives you a 3-hour grace period before requiring you to log in. You can still watch every CBS game for free no matter what, but you only get three free hours of streaming from the other channels.

So, if there’s one big game you want to watch and you don’t have a login, you can still do that. However, given that the Final Four and championship game are all on TBS, you’ll have to turn off the Hotspot Shield Chrome browser extension and make sure to clear your browser’ cache and cookies every 3 hours. Then repeat the process from the beginning.

Alternatively, you can use the Hotspot Shield Chrome Ext. for one game and then switch to the Hotspot Shield VPN desktop app (Windows or Mac) for the following one.

Click below to get your Free Hotspot Shield VPN download:


Hotspot Shield Free version comes by default with the U.S. location and a limited access to streaming content. When you upgrade to Hotspot Shield Premium (premium version starts at $2.99/month), you instantly gain access to 29 virtual locations, faster speed, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to activate your license on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

How to bypass your office’s of school’s firewall

Is a team in your bracket playing during office hours? Chances are the IT team has probably taken actions to block you from streaming NCAA March Madness. Good news, however: You can use Hotspot Shield to bypass the firewall and connect to streaming sites via our U.S. virtual location.

Hotspot Shield’s servers in the U.S. will access the content on your behalf and transmit the content back to your device. Since Hotspot Shield encrypts the content, the firewall won’t be able to detect the type of content transmitted to your device and will therefore not block it.

How to stream NCAA March Madness from abroad

Although the NCAA March Madness is one of the most popular sporting events, the games are only available to viewers in the USA. This means that if you are staying abroad, you will be blocked due to the geo-restrictions imposed by the TV service providers.

The TV service providers can detect your location by the IP address of the device you are using to connect to the internet. So, if you don’t have a U.S. IP address, you will get blocked. As we mentioned earlier, the good news is that by using Hotspot Shield, it can bypass these geo-restrictions. Follow the instructions above.

Using Hotspot Shield to watch NCAA March Madness games from anywhere

Hotspot Shield gives you a virtual U.S. IP address, which will enable you to watch the games without running into location-based restrictions or firewall.

Added bonus: If you happen to be streaming the games on a public WiFi hotspot, Hotspot Shield will also protect and secure your device, preventing hackers from stealing any sensitive information you keep on your laptop or mobile.

Hotspot Shield has support for multiple devices and platforms so you can unblock your favorite content on your Mac laptop, Windows PC, Android tablet, or iOS smartphone.


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