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The National Football League (NFL) regular season games are among the most highly awaited sporting events in the US. If you’re a die-hard fan of NFL and of American football in general, you should not miss watching any of the games during the new season.

Fans living in the US are lucky because of the many ways they can watch the games live. They can watch the games on TV at the comfort of their homes, they can see all the action at the bar while downing a couple of beers with friends, or they can view the matches on the go using dedicated mobile apps.

For fans outside the US however, watching the games is not as easy. Because of copyright and distribution issues, viewing options for territories outside the country are very limited, and live streaming the games requires a little bit of work. However, it’s definitely possible.

First, you need to know where the games can be viewed live. Below are some of the broadcast websites that offer live streaming for the NFL regular season games:

Website Price
Sunday Ticket TV USD 49.99 (per month for 4 months)
Game Pass USD 199.99 (access through July 31, 2017)
ESPN Deportes Free with affiliated service provider
NBC Free with affiliated service provider
CBS Free with affiliated service provider, free 7-day trial

Because these websites are based in the US, foreign residents might not be able to access the live streams due to broadcasting limitations.

This is where a virtual private network (VPN) comes in. A website access VPN allows you to bypass restrictions like these by connecting you to another virtual location, masking your real location and making it seem like you are browsing from another location. This means that connecting to a VPN in a US location allows you to access content and websites that are restricted to that location.

Live stream the NFL games with the best website access VPN

Live streaming the NFL games becomes easier with a website access VPN. For the best online viewing experience, get Hotspot Shield VPN for your device.

Hotspot Shield allows you to watch the NFL games live even if you reside outside the US. Using it temporarily replaces your actual IP address with a US IP address, making it seem like you are browsing within the US. With this, you can enjoy watching the games without having to worry about seeing that “not available in your region” message.

Get Hotspot Shield VPN to unblock NFL games

Additionally, since your real IP address is masked, it is protected from being used by cybercriminals and snoopers for their illegal activities. Using Hotspot Shield also lets you access your favorite websites even if they are blocked by your school or office network administrators.

Downloading Hotspot Shield also lets you enjoy other benefits, including protection against snooping strangers when connected to a public hotspot, anonymous and secure web surfing, and malware protection.

Get Hotspot Shield website access VPN now and enjoy a hassle-free live streaming of the NFL regular season games!

Visit the Hotspot Shield website for more information about its benefits. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts for the best tips and trivia related to accessing blocked content, Internet security, and gaming, among others.

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