Stream 2016 SUPER BOWL Online for Free from Outside US

Hotspot Shield_ Live stream Super Bowl outside US

Are you a Panthers fan, a Broncos one, someone who is passionate about American NFL football? Or just looking forward to catch the halftime enormous spectacles and the famous commercials but unfortunately are living abroad?

CBS will stream the NFL Super Bowl 50 live via this page, on Sunday, February the 7th (6:30 pm ET). But due to broadcasting regulations (see 8.11  Broadcast and Territory Restrictions), CBS is only allowed to show CBS Sports content on the internet in the United States and U.S. Territories.

The good news is that there’s a work around to enable you to watch the Super Bowl live online outside of the US for Free!

Watch CBS’ Coverage of the Super Bowl from Abroad

To watch the live streaming of the Super Bowl on the CBS Sports site, you need to get a U.S. IP address. Or in other words, browse the web as if you were connecting from the United States.

The Hotspot Shield VPN app enables you to connect to a server in the US and thus gives you a US I.P. address. Furthermore, if you want to stream the game at a public WiFi hotspot, the good news is that Hotspot Shield will protect and secure your device, preventing hackers from stealing your sensitive information.

Hotspot Shield has support for multiple devices and platforms so you can watch the SuperBowl on your Mac laptop, Windows PC, Android, iOS table or smartphone.

Step by Step Instruction on How to Live Stream the Super Bowl Game on CBS Sports

1) Download the Free Hotspot Shield app on your device. It is available on Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and now even as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. Click below to get your free download:


2. To be able to access CBS Sports live streaming, you will need to appear as if your were browsing from the US. On the Hotspot Shield interface, make sure you have selected the “United States” Virtual Location.

Now, you’re connected to the Internet virtually from the US. To verify that you are virtually located in the US, visit You will see that you have a US IP address and your location is in the US.

3. Go to on February 7th (6:30 pm ET) and enjoy the show!

Video Tutorial: Live Stream the Super Bowl for Free with Hotspot Shield Chrome Extension

Super Bowl, Also Known for its Enormous Halftime Spectacles

This year, the Global superstars COLDPLAY, winners of seven Grammy Awards, with six #1 albums,as well as Beyonce will perform at the most-watched musical event of the year: the PEPSI SUPER BOWL 50 HALFTIME SHOW.

Hotspot Shield_Super-Bowl-fb2

Fans can visit now for the first exclusive behind the scenes look at how Coldplay is beginning their journey to the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Need Technical Support or Have Questions?

If you have difficulties using Hotspot Shield and need support or have any question, contact us via our help desk. We will be happy to help!

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