Blog David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Secure Your Online Presence
Levent Sapci April 17, 2013

David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Secure Your Online Presence

David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV "Taking Stock"Yesterday, CEO of AnchorFree, David Gorodyansky discusses about the company’s history, the Hotspot Shield technology and how to secure your online presence.

Everything that we do on the internet (from checking our bank accounts to surfing the web) is being tracked by websites, online advertisers or malicious hackers. This invades your online privacy and also increases the chance of identity theft.

Using Hotspot Shield will not only keep your online presence secure and private anywhere, but also protect you from malware, viruses and phishing sites.

Click here to watch Hotspot Shield on Bloomberg’s show “Taking Stock”. And don’t forget to secure your online presence today!



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