1st Weekly Giveaway Winners!

The 1st Weekly Hotspot Shield Giveaway has been a huge success: tons of people entered, and even more people kept emailing us with suggestions and ideas for future gift cards!

Thank you so much for making it a huge success! 🙂

15 prizes. 15 winners. Tons of chances to win. And 15 did just that!

Here are the winners!

  1. 1st prize winner: Nathan Keith wins a $50 gift card and a 1 year HSS Elite subscription!
  2. Two 2nd prize winners each won a $20 gift card and a 1 year HSS Elite subscription!
    1. Wajira Gunawardana
    2. Modestas Pelanius
  3. Three 3rd prize winners won a $10 gift card each!
    1. Malkhaz Abuladze
    2. Charles Terrell
    3. Fanny Thornton
  4. Ten 4th prize winners won a HSS Elite Monthly subscription each!
    1. Bruno MB
    2. Ali Sayed
    3. Naik Akshay
    4. Michelle Simons
    5. Tom Cruz
    6. Rob Garcia
    7. Mal Swan
    8. Sharon Harper
    9. Jochen Schaefer
    10. Tung Bui

If you’re one of the winners, please go ahead and email us at bes@anchorfree.com within 15 days to claim your prize.

All gift card winners can choose any one of the following cards:

Prizes to Choose From!

  1. Amazon
  2. iTunes
  3. GiftRocket
  4. Giftly
  5. BestBuy
  6. PayPal (PayPal Cash)
  7. Visa Gift Card
  8. MasterCard Gift Card
  9. Ukash
  10. Steam Gift Card
  11. Ultimate Game Card

Whichever card you choose, please make sure that it works in the area or city you live in. Once you make your final choice, we’ll buy the gift card for you and send it to you.

Congratulations! And Get Ready!

The 2nd Weekly Giveaway starts tomorrow, so get ready! 😀

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  1. Gerome September 18, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    Congratulation everyone ! 🙂

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