US Businesses Lost $48 Billion in Data Breaches in 2011 – Infographic

As you know, we love numbers!

However, seeing trends and numbers about security breaches is interesting and scary at the same time.

Take the following Infographic, for example. According to the latest studies:

  1. $48 Billion was lost in the US alone in 2011
  2. Sony, with all its infamous security breaches, lost $1 billion due to security breaches in 2011
  3. Health Care and Educational Institutes are at most risk (22% and 20%) from security breaches
  4. Cost of a stolen or lost business laptop is around $53,000!

Wow! It’s amazing how the cost, risk and number of incidents because of security breaches keeps on increasing.

And who would have guessed that losing a laptop that is related to a business costs that business around $53,000!

Security Breaches – Growth & Trends

Security Data Breaches - Growth and Trends

Security Data Breaches – Growth and Trends – Infographic by Druva

What are your thoughts?

The most surprising fact: 92% of all security breaches at businesses could have been avoided.

Which of these stats impact you the most? Do you think such trends will happen less in 2012 than they did in 2011?

Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think.

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