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Why Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Hurt Users and How They Should Be Patched

In 2002, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld caught ridicule at a press briefing when he uttered his famous quote: “There are known unknowns…things we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” While Rumsfeld wasn’t referring to zero-day vulnerabilities, his answer comes close to […]

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How to Recognize Online Risks

Would you give up your bank account and credit card numbers to a stranger on the street after he approaches and asks for them? Of course not. But that’s essentially what people do when they’re tricked by online crooksters into revealing sensitive personal information, including their Social Security numbers. One of the most common ways […]

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Public Wi-Fi Checklist: 7 Things to Remember Before Signing On

Public Wi-Fi is everywhere. According to BBC News, there is one hotspot to 150 people worldwide. Of course, in some countries, the ratio is a lot smaller. In the United Kingdom, for instance, there is one hotspot for every 11 people. Indeed, it is easier to connect than ever before, whether you are just stopping […]

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6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account from Hackers

Twitter hacks are far from an uncommon occurrence. Users ranging from major news media outlets to A-list celebrities have suffered the effects of unscrupulous hackers. Depending on the nature of the hack, the effects can range from annoying to disastrous. While there are ways you can recover from a Twitter hack, a far better tactic […]

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How to Travel Securely this Summer

Summer is a great time to take a vacation. If you’re a soccer fan, you maybe heading to Brazil to watch the world cup. Regardless of your destination this summer, make sure the technology you bring along on the journey is secure. When traveling abroad, it’s sometimes easy to let your guard down while experiencing […]

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