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AnchorFree Releases Hotspot Shield for Android, version 3.4

AnchorFree recently released a new version of Hotspot Shield VPN for Android, with new features that make personal privacy, Wi-Fi security and access to the world’s information smarter, easier to use and more secure. One of the key changes in version 3.4 is the changes to the protection modes. We now offer three protection modes available: Selected […]

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Hotspot Shield for Mac OSX – New Virtual Locations

AnchorFree offers two versions of Hotspot Shield available for OSX: Mac (.dmg) and the Mac App. Which now offer 9 virtual locations for both versions:  US, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, India and China. The key difference between the two applications is as follows: Mac App Mac App has the native Mac Interface. […]

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AnchorFree Releases Hotspot Shield 3.0 for iOS

AnchorFree recently released a new version (version 3.0) of the Hotspot Shield app, for Apple iOS 8.0, with new features that make personal privacy, Wi-Fi security and access to the world’s information smarter, easier to use and more secure for iPhone, iPad and Android users. The new Hotspot Shield 3.0 iOS Client has a completely different look […]

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What Do College Students Think About Online Privacy & Security?

There is a widespread belief that young people care little about online privacy and security. If Millennials truly cared about their privacy, they wouldn’t share so much personal information freely over the internet, the argument goes. To find out the truth, we polled 1200+ students at 523 colleges and universities in the US and UK* […]

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Terms and Conditions: Do You Know What Exactly You Are Agreeing To?

For every website that you visit, every app that you download and every phone call that you make, do you actually take the time to read the terms and condition agreement? Personally, I haven’t met one single person who can admit they have read it. In fact, if we were to read the fine print […]

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David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Measuring the Continued Growth of VPN’s

On July 9th, AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky, appeared on Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock.” In his interview with Primm Fox, he discussed the continued growth of Virtual Private Networking and change in trend of Hotspot Shield users. In response to Primm’s question, “Does anyone qualify?” Gorodyansky asserted that VPN‘s are for everyone. In the past, business […]

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