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Internet censorship

Russian Internet Censorship: How it Helps Keep Putin in Power

When Vladimir Putin first became the Prime Minister of Russia in 1999, approximately 2 million members of his public had access to the Internet. Fast-forward 15 years: Putin is now the country’s president, and nearly half of Russia’s 144 million people have access to the web. At first glance, that statistic seems impressive. Russia’s Internet […]

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Big Data

People Analytics: Ways Big Data is Changing Human Resource Practices

Is your new boss a computer? On the surface, this question may seem absurd. Although we are living in an age of pervasive computing, the electronic box has yet to supplant humans in decision-making capacities. Or has it? Modern companies are increasingly turning to deep data metrics, often known by the colloquial term “Big Data,” […]

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search history

Your Search History Could Be Driving Up the Cost of Your Next Vacation!

There are few things quite as satisfying as securing a great travel deal. You’re giddy with excitement as you anticipate your upcoming journey. But did you know that someone else had just bought an identical seat on the same flight or secured a similar room in the same hotel and paid a whole lot less […]

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How to Travel Securely this Summer

Summer is a great time to take a vacation. If you’re a soccer fan, you maybe heading to Brazil to watch the world cup. Regardless of your destination this summer, make sure the technology you bring along on the journey is secure. When traveling abroad, it’s sometimes easy to let your guard down while experiencing […]

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FTC Regulation of Data Security: 7 Examples of Why it’s Necessary

As the digital world grows with the addition of every new user, data security threats continue to plague some of the world’s largest retailers, websites, and online storefronts. Cyber criminals are keeping pace with the advancements in online security while finding new and sophisticated ways to breach systems, which is exactly why the Federal Trade […]

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anonymous web browser

5 Ways to Be More Anonymous Online

Nowadays, it seems like everything we do online is getting tracked. Government agencies, advertisers, and hackers are all trying to track our every move online. Because of privacy concerns, many consumers have begun considering additional privacy measures, some more intensive than others. Regardless of the specific method of masking browsing behavior, safeguarding your identity online […]

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What google knows about you

What Google Knows About You

Most average Internet users don’t have much of an idea about how different websites track their behaviors, and they likely don’t know how much personal information is tracked and saved – especially by search engines like Google. Google is still the largest search engine in the world, accounting for more than 64% of all searches […]

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