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Hotspot Shield Featured on Fox Business

CEO and Co-Founder of AnchorFree, David Gorodyansky, recently appeared on Fox Business’s Small Business Big Ideas to explain how Hotspot Shield allows consumers to take control of their privacy and keep hackers and online trackers away. It’s important for consumers to understand that everything done online can be tracked and accessed by hackers and cyber […]

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Win $50K in Scholarship Prizes from Hotspot Shield!

If you haven’t heard by now, Hotspot Shield is giving away $50,000 in Scholarship Prizes to the schools named the “Most Private Campus”. It’s still not too late to enter, but we can already tell you which schools are currently in the lead. So why are we doing this? Well, Hotspot Shield’s mission is to […]

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Your Wi-Fi Router Might Be Easy to Hack

Did you know that many Wi-Fi routers can be easily hacked by cyber criminals? Even if your Wi-Fi router is password protected, a hacker can find a way to bypass authentication and take full control. Important personal information such as you passwords, social security number, bank account information can fall easily into the hands of […]

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Beware of the Mother’s Day Scammer

Mother’s Day lands on May 12, which is just a couple of days away. Have you already purchased a present for that special woman in your life? Remember that with every major holiday, there are always malicious scammers who try to take advantage of you. If you’re one to do some last minute online gift […]

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Sourcenext launches retail sales of Hotspot Shield in Japan

AnchorFree’s Senior Director of Business Development Gary Guseinov and Head of Corporate Development Craig Vachon traveled to Tokyo this week to celebrate an agreement with Sourcenext Corp (a publicly traded #1 software publisher in Japan) to launch retail sales of Hotspot Shield in Japan.   Hotspot Shield will be distributed via numerous retail outlets throughout Japan, […]

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Faked Digital Certificates Add Risks to Private Browsing on WiFi

Imagine this scenario: You are seated in the corner of a coffee shop privately browsing on their public WiFi network, espresso in one hand and iPad in the other, safely away from any snoopers. A man wearing a black apron stops by, tells you how much you owe, and you pay him. But, you just […]

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Save Your Privacy Policy! Stop CISPA!

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the cyber-security bill, CISPA, which allows corporations to break their privacy contracts. This means companies are allowed to share your private data with the government without a warrant. In result, we lose our online privacy. Co-Founder of Reddit and Internet Freedom Activist, Alexis Ohanian, publicly voices his opinion about […]

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How to Browse the Web Privately

You’ve probably never even thought that “browsing the web privately” was something that you needed to take extra steps to do. Most people think all web surfing is relatively private and nobody is really paying any attention. Unfortunately, there are many people, particularly in the form of marketers and advertisers, who watch almost every website […]

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How Can I Ensure My Social Network Interactions are Secure on WiFi?

Privacy on social networks seems a little oxymoronic to me. We tell the world about our lives, but we don’t want everyone to know everything. I know many people who only want some people to share in their experiences, but those same people often friend people they don’t know. See what I mean? Anyway, it […]

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David Gorodyansky on Bloomberg TV: Secure Your Online Presence

Yesterday, CEO of AnchorFree, David Gorodyansky discusses about the company’s history, the Hotspot Shield technology and how to secure your online presence. Everything that we do on the internet (from checking our bank accounts to surfing the web) is being tracked by websites, online advertisers or malicious hackers. This invades your online privacy and also […]

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