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Right to be forgotten

Will the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” Rule Transform the Internet?

There is a specter haunting the European Union (EU): the specter of forgetfulness. A set of regulatory laws passed by the Union in recent years guarantees citizens the Right to be Forgotten, promising the ability to clean the online record of bad decisions. The right was recently upheld in the highest EU courts, signaling that it may […]

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black phone

Secured by Design: Is the Blackphone the Future of Mobile Privacy?

The struggle for security in a high-tech world expresses itself in a battle for technological supremacy between tech users and those seeking their precious data—thieves, intelligence agencies, and the like. Recently, a new tool, the SGP Technologies Blackphone, was released to an increasingly privacy-concerned public to great financial success, selling out its initial run. But […]

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FTC Regulation of Data Security: 7 Examples of Why it’s Necessary

As the digital world grows with the addition of every new user, data security threats continue to plague some of the world’s largest retailers, websites, and online storefronts. Cyber criminals are keeping pace with the advancements in online security while finding new and sophisticated ways to breach systems, which is exactly why the Federal Trade […]

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privacy issues

Monetizing User Data: The Case of Clickable Consent

You probably don’t realize how valuable your information is to an online business. Every website owner who knows how to market monetizes user data for future marketing campaigns. When you enter any kind of information into an online form, the information is stored, processed and analyzed into several different reports. Big Companies, Big Data and […]

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What google knows about you

The Prying Eyes of Google+ and Gmail: Has Big Brother Landed in Your Inbox?

There are several free email options, but most people choose Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail. Google Gmail is the leading free platform with 425 million users. Gmail users are targeted by spammers and email collectors and even hackers who want to send email to a user’s contact list. Gmail has several integrated features including G+. Because […]

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new year resolutions

6 New Year Resolutions to Protect Yourself From Cyber Criminals

At the beginning of the year, most of us made New Year resolutions related to improving our personal and professional goals. Signing up for gym membership, quitting smoking, or getting that professional license are certainly worthy resolutions. But this year, you should also make resolutions to better protect yourself from scammers and criminals. Cyber criminals […]

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online privacy threats

The 6 Biggest Online Privacy Threats You Should be Concerned With

For some consumers, the online privacy remains a distant thought; a trifle for politicians and civil rights organizations. However, for a growing number of people, the matter has become a daunting battle between the powers that be and the control we exercise over our own information. The following threats are by no means the only […]

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anonymous web browser

5 Ways to Be More Anonymous Online

Nowadays, it seems like everything we do online is getting tracked. Government agencies, advertisers, and hackers are all trying to track our every move online. Because of privacy concerns, many consumers have begun considering additional privacy measures, some more intensive than others. Regardless of the specific method of masking browsing behavior, safeguarding your identity online […]

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