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Safer Internet Day: Connect with Respect!

February 5 marks the 10th annual “Safer Internet Day”, which promotes internet safety around the world. Hotspot Shield was recently featured on Good Morning America for a segment on Safer Internet Day. The internet can never be safe as there have been numerous stories on password breaches and hacker attacks in the news lately. So today, […]

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The Colbert Report and the geography of humor

The Colbert Report is a well-known and often delightful part of the US comedy landscape. Not only can you watch it live on TV, you can also catch up with recent shows easily by going to So if you are traveling away from home and have a Wi-Fi connection, you can simply stream it […]

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Take Our Survey & Help Us To Help You!

Here at Hotspot Shield, we work hard to improve our products and to satisfy our customers’ needs. We want to hear your feedback on how you use our product, what you don’t like and what we can change to make Hotspot Shield a better experience for you! Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. […]

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Happy Data Privacy Day!

Today is Data Privacy Day! Of course, every day should be data privacy day. But this is a good opportunity to start taking your online privacy seriously. Are your passwords strong and secure? Have you turned off the geo-location feature on your mobile phone when you are not using it? Do you always scan email […]

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Antivirus Companies

Is Malware increasing or decreasing?

Antivirus companies used to be the most controversial companies out there. Everyone used them and bought them, yet almost every other person also complained about how such software slows down their computer or if they even need such software. Everyone knew antivirus software existed for a much-debated reason. How times have changed. In 2011, some […]

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AnchorFree featured on Forbes!

Guess who was featured on the front page of today? 😉 AnchorFree was! Thanks to you and all our other supporters, the message has been loud and clear, and Forbes agrees! Hotspot Shield is the best way to secure yourself on the go, and when connecting to any Wi-Fi hotspot. The article talks about […]

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Hotspot Shield - AnchorFree

Lifehacker Best VPN Service: Vote for Hotspot Shield!

Do you use Hotspot Shield? Lifehacker is calling all folks to vote for the Best VPN Service. And we want you to please vote for Hotspot Shield! Vote for Hotspot Shield as the Best VPN Service on Lifehacker by leaving a comment, on the Lifehacker website, saying: VOTE: Hotspot Shield That’s it! Let’s make sure […]

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Vote to have David Gorodyansky speak at SXSW

SXSW – Vote for AnchorFree CEO David!

Are you excited for South by Southwest? We are! South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual series of music, film, and interactive festivals held in Austin, Texas. The event attracts thought-leaders from across the world with different industries and backgrounds for 10 days of engaging dialogue. If you had to pick one event to learn […]

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The latest, most impacting news from around August 8th, 2012

Security News Round Up – August 8th, 2012

Follow us on Twitter @HotspotShield and protect yourself online with our latest security news, updates, trends from around the world and tips on how to be happy and safe online. Here are some of recent news stories about online security that we think you should be aware of. Knowledge is power, as they say (though […]

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