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6 Simple Ways to Protect Your Twitter Account from Hackers

Twitter hacks are far from an uncommon occurrence. Users ranging from major news media outlets to A-list celebrities have suffered the effects of unscrupulous hackers. Depending on the nature of the hack, the effects can range from annoying to disastrous. While there are ways you can recover from a Twitter hack, a far better tactic […]

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Hacking via fingerprints

Straight Out of the Movies: Hacking via Fingerprints

Spy movies that feature uber clever hackers are a dime a dozen, and why not? Audiences love the suspense, the made-up technology, the funny jargon, and the pulse-raising music. However, it isn’t so entertaining when those hacks you see on the silver screen make their way into real life and have the potential to affect […]

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wearable tech

Wearable Tech and Personal Security Breaches: 6 Things to Know

Wearable technology is growing rapidly in popularity, with the consulting firm Deloitte predicting as many as 100 million wearable gadgets on the market in 2020. These devices track users’ behavior, lifestyle, and performance, creating what’s known as a “quantifiable self” from the data. While maintaining this quantifiable self can help users follow a fitness regime or […]

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Safe Shopping Tips for Cyber Monday

How to Shop Online Safely on Cyber Monday

Last year, shoppers spent record amounts of money on Cyber Monday. A majority of shoppers did their shopping on mobile and tablet devices. The proliferation of mobile and tablet devices should lead to another record Cyber Monday shopping. Adobe predicts that Cyber Monday online spending is expected to break $2.60 billion in 2014. For those […]

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Beware of the POODLE Bug

Do you spend a lot of time surfing the Internet at public places such as Starbucks? There’s a new security bug that you should be aware of. This security vulnerability could give hackers access to your bank, social media, and email accounts! This security hole is called POODLE. No, it doesn’t behave or bark like […]

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bitcoins mining

Hackers Are Using Cameras to (Unsuccessfully) Mine Bitcoins

Cybercriminals have recently taken a fresh approach at hacking into user devices, branching out into the Internet of Things to attack security cameras. Although the implications are disturbing, this first attack turned out to be a fairly harmless and largely ineffective attempt to mine bitcoins. What is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoins are a popular form of […]

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iCloud Hack Banner4

The Celebrity Photo Hacks: What We Know So Far and How to Stay Secure

Celebrity watchers are seeing more of their favorite starlets than ever before after their private Internet accounts were recently hacked. This case provides a timely reminder of the importance of online security. Although details are still sketchy, some pretty poignant facts and implications have emerged, along with some valuable takeaways. Read on to discover how […]

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What to Do If You’ve Been Hacked

You’re not special; a hacker CAN get into your computer or smartphone. Would you know how to clean up this mess? Start by locating the portal through which the hacker got in such as a browser or an email program. Next, disconnect/uninstall this gateway from the Internet so it doesn’t invade other systems. Check for […]

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