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Retirees Prime Targets for Identity Theft

Is it easier for crooks to prey on senior citizens, or is it that most targets are the seniors? Well, one thing’s for sure: A disproportionate percentage of identity theft complaints come from people 50-plus (though I’m sure some readers would hardly consider 50-somethings to be seniors—but you get the point). Some scammers go after […]

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Beware of these 10 Job Hunting Scams

Just because a job recruiter says he’s from (fill in blank—any huge corporation) doesn’t mean the job can’t be a scam. Anyone could say they’re from Microsoft or Google. Impersonating a representative from a big-name company is one way to fool gullible job seekers. Another way is to advertise the scam jobs on radio because […]

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7 Ways to Protect Yourself Online

The biggest mistake that you can make to threaten your online safety is to treat the online world different—as far as your private information—than you would treat the physical world. In other words, if someone walked up to you and said, “Hi, can you please provide me with your name, address, birth date, home phone, […]

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Beware of these 10 Nasty Scams

Let’s look at the top 10 scams (random order). Make sure to be aware of these common scam tricks so you can spot them instead of falling into the trap. Be alert and think twice when something looks abnormal or way too nice. Charity A fraudster claims to represent a charitable organization. Such scams can operate […]

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Tips to Prevent Being Tracked

You worry about being hacked, but what about being tracked? Yes, there are hackers and then there are trackers. Internet tracking namely refers to the user’s browsing habits being followed. But there are ways to make the trackers harder to tag behind you. Duhh, a fake name. What an innovative idea! It’s amazing how many […]

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