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How to Watch the 2015 NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament Online from Anywhere

The 2015 NCAA Basketball Championship tournament (better known as March Madness) kicks off tomorrow. Do you have your bracket filled out yet? Will the Kentucky team go all the way to become the first team to complete the season undefeated since the Indiana Hoosiers did it in 1975-76? Which top seed teams will be the 1st to fall? Which 4 teams will […]

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The Net Neutrality Vote

Cyberspace is part of our real space; we use the Internet for entertainment, information, social connections, work, and so much more. Because it plays such an integral role in everyday life, we benefit when the Internet is an open, fair place where access is universal, and no company gets to dictate what we can and […]

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data privacy day

6 Accomplishments of Data Privacy Day 2015

Data Privacy Day, which takes places annually on January 28, is a day geared toward heightening awareness of data security issues and spurring companies and governments to take action to protect consumers. So what did Data Privacy Day 2015 accomplish? The Government Held Accountable Thanks to Mr. Snowden, the world is abuzz about government spying. […]

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stacking services for privacy protection

Can Stacking Services Increase Your Online Anonymity?

Leaked documents from the National Security Agency (NSA) have revealed what strategies make it really tough for the government to track our online movements. Can stacking services increase your online anonymity? Take these steps to find out. Keep Web Browsing Private A variety of entities, both commercial and criminal, love to track your online movements […]

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Hacking via fingerprints

Straight Out of the Movies: Hacking via Fingerprints

Spy movies that feature uber clever hackers are a dime a dozen, and why not? Audiences love the suspense, the made-up technology, the funny jargon, and the pulse-raising music. However, it isn’t so entertaining when those hacks you see on the silver screen make their way into real life and have the potential to affect […]

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